Monday, April 29, 2013

Obamacare is onerous to those who forced it on us

President Obama promised you "If you like the insurance you have you will be able to keep it."

Now his Obamacare is too onerous even for those who forced it on us. Yes, it's Honorable Harry Reid again. He can't stand the thought of being restricted by the laws he forces on you and me.

Democrats in Congress are trying to get their staffs exempted from their favorite part of Obamacare - their substitute for the government mad ate they really want - the requirement to have insurance that fits the government's one-size-doesn't-fit-all mold of Obama's insurance exchanges. Senator Grassley was ever vigilant during the process to make sure Congress had to live by the law it passed. And his was a big challenge. Hero Harry Reid kept forcing his own exemption in. In the end Congressmen and their own staffs had to obey, but their committee staffs had their own loophole.

Last week Honorable Harry and House leader Steny Hoyer were trying to do it again. They got caught and said "Huh?… Us? No…" Do you think this will be their last attempt? We call him Dingy Harry.

Wall Street Journal

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