Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Help medical education in Tanzania

Our niece Raychel is in the Peace Corps in Tanzania. She is working in a regional health center which is collocated with Morogoro School of Public Health Nursing School in Morogoro, 180 km west of the capital Dar es Salaam.
She sees a screaming need for more resources for the nursing students.

She writes:
"For someone taking a quick glance at our library it might seem like there are plenty of books. However, once a person really delves into the books they will soon realize that most of the books are extremely outdated. This can be very discouraging for both students and staff. Imagine trying to learn nursing or clinical medicine from a book written in the 70s. I think you would find that many things have changed!"
So she is raising funds to buy more books.

Learn more about this special project at TZReads. And you can donate, if you choose, on the same page.

Photo from TZReads.org. Click to enlarge.