Monday, April 01, 2013

Mac and back

I am back from Mac migration. I bought a new Macbook Pro Tuesday, then delayed the migration from old to new until I spent two days offline at our cabin. I bought the fast, sweet "no hard drive" version, that is, it is all flash memory, which is very fast. I had to go with a smaller "disk drive" than before because of cost, but I can put old things on my back-up drive. It takes some care, but I can do it.

The migration took the pros two tries. My large photo library (9,800 photos) didn't transfer properly the first time, so they had to try again. With partial success: they created a new library, which means all my photo albums didn't come through. The original structure is on my old Macbook, but it will be work.

I can resume blogging now.

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