Saturday, July 13, 2013

Living Standard - who is ahead; who is behind

UN produced a rare honest report with no Israel bashing. This is rare because the UN is overwhelmed by the large number of un-free countries; most ruled by a person or family. But the economists in the UN Development Program got their statistical report released without being rewritten by the PC police.

No surprise: Oil rich, monocultural and supremely developed Norway was first. It is followed by developed countries: Australia, US, Netherlands and Germany. The second five: .New Zealand, Ireland, Sweden, Switzerland and Japan. Ireland? They are still suffering from the post-crash meltdown.

Bete noir Israel with few natural resources is No. 15 between Denmark and Belgium. Its immediate neighbors are in the bottom half of the 186 UN members and pretenders: Jordan 100th, Egypt 112th, and Syria 116th. Non-member "Palestinian, State of" is No. 110. We keep hearing about how oppressed the "West Bank"/Gaza is, but it is above Egypt and close to peaceful Jordan.

Where are the oil-rich Muslim countries? Brunei 30th, Qatar No. 36, United Arab Emirates in 41st, Bahrain in 48th, and Kuwait in 54th and Saudi Arabia in 57th.

Watch out for China; it is buried in the bottom half at No. 101 and not rising.

The measures in this report are simple: Gross national product per person plus life expectancy plus education level. The report shows that the free countries that encourage commerce and develop their people do the best for their people.

See the overview of UN Human Development Index (HDI)

Summary report is 800 KB download - choose your language. Ranking is on page 16. Country list with position is on page 15.

Via American Thinker

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