Sunday, July 14, 2013

Major Hasan is trying to convince judge that he is Muslim terrorist

Major Nadal Hasan is trying to convince the judge that he is Muslim terrorist. We have all seen the evidence, but the judge just can't see/hear it.

Major Hasan gunned down 13 soldiers at Ft. Hood, Texas in November 2009. During the shooting he repeatedly shouted "Allahu Akbar!" That is a sure sign he was motivated by Islam. There were prior signs, as well.

Global News Canada reports:

Hasan told one colonel that Abdulhakim Muhammad, sentenced to life in prison for the June 2009 fatal shooting of a soldier outside a Little Rock, Arkansas, military recruiting station, was his “brother and friend.” Muhammad, who converted to Islam in college, has told The Associated Press that the shootings were an act of war on the U.S.

Now during his trial Hasan is really trying to establish that his motivation was the jihad of Islam. But the judge doesn't want to hear it; he keeps telling him to rephrase - you know - don't sound so extreme. Who chose that judge? Must have had to look hard to find one so hard of hearing.

Via FrontPage Magazine

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