Saturday, July 06, 2013

Obama would be fired if he were ...

President Obama would be fired if he were an IRS employee.

At the commencement of Arizona State University in mid-May he threatened ASU President Michael Crowe and the Board of Regents of ASU that he was going to have the IRS audit them. Ha ha ha. If he were an IRS employee that is grounds for firing.

Our income tax system depends on willing compliance of every tax payer. (Some call it voluntary compliance, buy it's not. The threat is substantial.) If everyone cheated the system would fall apart. We don't cheat because we see the IRS as being fair. If someone get hit by an income tax penalty it is because he violated some provision.

But Obama is saying the IRS punishes his enemies. Ha ha ha. He is putting cracks in the trust Americans have in the IRS. If he continues and breaks it he and his liberal big-spending friends will have big, big problems with revenue.

Glenn Harlan Reynolds at WSJ.

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Let the facts come out

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