Monday, January 13, 2014

Democrats block restoring military pensions

Senate Democrats voted for illegal immigrants and against military retirees. Yes. They voted FOR ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS Thursday.

People who are in the US illegally were paid $4.2 billion - that’s $4,200 million - in Additional Child Tax Credit (ACTC). Why pay them? Ask Sen. Patty Murray. Ending that ridiculous loophole can restore the cut to military retirees. An audit by the Treasury Inspector General found that the credit was being claimed and paid for children not in the country! And it encourages more illegal entries. Yes.

Senator Kelly Ayotte (R, NH) proposed an amendment #2603 (or S. 1869) which would favor our military retirees over the illegals. Senator Marie Cantwell voted for the illegals.

Senator Barbara Boxer lead the opposition.

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