Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Obama violating the Constitution #6

President Obama claims he and his White House have nothing to do with it. But the tracks lead there. #6

Political profiling by the IRS

After seeing a rise in the number of applications for tax-exempt status, the IRS in 2010 compiled a “be on the lookout” (“BOLO”) list to identify organizations engaged in political activities. The list included words such as “Tea Party,” “Patriots,” and “Israel”; subjects such as government spending, debt, or taxes; and activities such as criticizing the government, educating about the Constitution, or challenging Obamacare. The targeting continued through May of this year.

Arvik Roy at Forbes

IRS employees didn't just "watch" the applications of these organizations. They blocked them. The IRS repeatedly asked for more data. Then again. USA Today

the Internal Revenue Service held up their applications for tax exemptions, harassed them with questions and leaked their donor lists to political opponents.

The questioning included requests for copies of Facebook postings, the content of prayers, political beliefs of members, résumés of board members and dealings with the media.

That was the testimony of six conservative groups to the House Ways and Means Committee,

Was it a coincidence that the IRS took so long on their filings that many just gave up? Gave up so they weren't involved in the 2012 election cycle. A coincidence? Hot Air

The Senate investigated. Hot Air

Cincinatti wash blamed, but tracks led to IRS headquarters in DC. ABC News

And recently: Obama responded to the IRS abuse of taxpayers by… adding more regulations for IRS employees to abuse. Mary Katherine Ham at Hot Air

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