Thursday, January 30, 2014

Thin defense of government coercion by Sen. Patty Murray

Our Senator Patty Murray came to the defense of government coercion in companies that provide health-care to their employees.

Obamacare requires companies to provide contraceptives - birth control - to their employees. Hobby Lobby’s owners say they cannot comply with Obama’s law because they would violate their consciences to do so. Sec. of HHS Sibelius is suing Hobby Lobby. The case will be decided by the Supreme Court. SCOTUSblog

Murray says Hobby Lobby wants to deny health care to their employees. Wrong. Hobby Lobby is not denying them health care, but is refusing to pay for one thing - contraception. They cannot stop an employee from stopping at Walgreens and buying a contraceptive or getting a prescription from her doctor. Murray says:
“Allowing a woman’s boss to call the shots about her access to birth control should be inconceivable to all Americans in this day and age, and takes us back to a place in history when women had no voice or choice,” according to Murray’s prepared remarks.
Honorable Senator Murray, hello? There is a difference between the employer not paying for something and denying it to the employee. They just don’t want to pay for it. Clearly you just can’t allow a difference of opinion. You have to force your choice on everyone.

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