Monday, May 12, 2014

ObamaCare - 4 failed states costing $474M so far

Massachusetts, Oregon, Nevada and Maryland. These states attempt to build their own exchanges for ObamaCare have failed and cost the US taxpayers $474 million. So far. 

That is how much the US gave these states to assist building their exchanges. At last two are closing their exchanges and throwing everyone on the federal exchange.. The money is wasted. Totally. Oregon never signed up a single person with its exchange.

Next, it will cost more to get each state the the insurance plans in use there on the federal system. $100 million?

Oregon has announced they are shutting down. Massachusetts has figured out a way to throw even more of our money down the hole. They want to move most people to the federal mess but also keep their exchange open - at great cost. Apparently so they don’t have to admit failure. Maryland and Nevada know they are in big trouble.


Hawaii is also a mess. Industry people there are calling for shutting it down. Yahoo/AP

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