Saturday, May 24, 2014

This is voting fraud

Every time we try to ensure that only people eligible to vote can be registered to vote, we are told “That’s just bookkeeping. There are no cases of fraudulent voting.” Here is one. For almost 40 years; at least ten times!

A immigrant man in Florida voted in elections since 1976 and is not a citizen; indeed, he never became a legal resident! He thought he was, but applied for a passport to go on a cruise and couldn’t get one. 

James Taranto at Wall Street Journal

Hernandez's case "represents a broken immigration system," his lawyer, Elizabeth Ricci, tells the Times. No doubt about that. But it represents something else, too: a broken voting system. According to the Times, Hernandez cast improper votes in "every major election" since 1976. That's at least 10 of them, twice as many if it includes midterms.

Noncitizens, including legal resident aliens, are forbidden to vote in every state. States that have sought to incorporate verification of citizenship into the voter-registration process have encountered obstacles from the Obama administration and denunciations from the New York Times

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