Sunday, May 18, 2014

Texans for Puget Sound oil trains?

Oregonlive oil train deschutes river

A Northeast Texas farmer worries about the safety of the Keystone XL pipeline crossing her property. I agree that the pipeline should be built and maintained to not leak or cause other damage.

But why is she in the Seattle Times? Is she selling the use of trains? Pipelines are much, much safer than trains of oil cars. Manhattan Institute  If she is opposed to pipelines delivering oil in various forms, she should come to Puget Sound and convince us that we want more 80-car oil trains blocking crossings in Seattle and Edmonds and throughout the state.

There is concern about these trains here. Is she coming to convince us to use trains instead of pipelines?

Seattle Times

[I originally took this one step further to coal trains.]

Image: Oil train along Deschutes River in Oregon.

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