Thursday, May 15, 2014

Senator Levin told IRS to investigate political opponents

The latest revelations about the IRS targeting conservative groups. Newley released documents show two things clearly. First, Senator Levin told the IRS to investigate his political opponents. The IRS responded that they could. And they did it.

Second, that the direction came from Washington, DC. The Cincinatti office people were doing what Obama’s DC people told them to do. A July 2012 email from IRS Attorney Steven Grodnitzky confirms that tea party group applications for exempt status were being handled in Washington.

[We are] working the Tea party applications in coordination with Cincy. We are developing a few applications here in DC and providing copies of our development letters with the agent to use as examples in the development of their cases.

Chip Hull [another lawyer in IRS headquarters] is working these cases. . .and working with the agent in Cincy, so any communication should include him as well. Because the Tea party applications are the subject of an SCR [Sensitive Case Report], we cannot resolve any of the cases without coordinating with Rob [Choi].

Powerline Blog

Credit goes to Judicial Watch for pursuing the documents. President Obama says there is “not a hint of scandal” in this. So his justice department will slow walk any half-hearted investigation they do.

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