Monday, June 09, 2014

Watch the Earth from space - live!

International Space Station (ISS) has new cameras that stream live footage of the view of Earth from space. Live!

Daily Mail UK has a story with the live image. On their linked page the live image is at the top; click to start it. There are four cameras; it shows one at a time, rotating among them. One shows forward; one down and two to the rear, one of which shows a solar array and docking ports.

Next on the page is the world map showing where the satellite is now. Next is the Google Earth view of the ground. The GE view is often more interesting because it seldom shows clouds; the live cameras show whatever weather is now occurring, of course. Below that are photos of the camera unit and installing it.

Two characteristics of Earth lessen the enjoyment of watching: first, so much of Earth’s surface is water. Also about a third of each one hour and thirty minutes trip around the surface of Earth is in darkness. Still, with some patience it is interesting.

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