Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Should those who benefit pay? Student loans

No. They want you to pay. Oh, they don’t say that: they have a jealousy tactic - raise taxes on the high income earners. Second trick: “it will cost the government $51 billion.” But who pays for the government = we do!

Maybe those who benefit from higher education should pay their own bills. Like be responsible for the decisions they made. It’s parting of growing to maturity - taking responsibility for yourself.

Sen. Patty Murray says if I pay for their loans I will benefit. Seattle Times

Murray said it would be to the benefit of taxpayers to boost economic activity even at the cost of forgoing revenue from interest income.

The bill being voted on in the US Senate today would lower interest rates for loans before July 1, 2013 from what the students signed up for to 3.86%.

But are the loans the real issue or something else? Recent graduate Logan Bahr looks beyond the debt:

But the biggest issue is how fast college tuition has increased, Bahr said.

“Debt is not the problem,” he said. “The problem is the cost of education. Debt is after the fact.”

Seattle Times

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