Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Tiananmen remembered in Hong Kong

Over 100,000 people gathered in Hong Kong today, June 4, to remember and to protest the lethal actions by the Communist government June 4, 1989. For the first time the Beijing government organized a pro-government counter protest against the Hong Kong observance.

No remembrance was held in Beijing. It is illegal to mention the Tiananmen massacre in China. It could take place in Hong Kong even though Hong Kong is part of China because Hong Kong has its own legal and political system. [reworded for clarity]

Added: 1989 student leader Wu'er Kaixi now in exile adds: The government may try to erase history but 100 million people took part across China in 1989 and they have not forgotten and won't.

The Communists must be afraid: they detained 48 prominent dissidents in the last few weeks. And the government told journalists to ignore/hide any remembrance activities. Of course we know that the government always censors news content in TV, newspapers and the Internet. And it blocks certain search terms. Censorship is a sign of fear, not strength.

Personal note: my in-laws were in China in June, 1989. On June 3 my brother-in-law called to relay the phone message that they would be traveling to Beijing on June 4. Did not!!

Source: WSJ. But I can't link to it.

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