Sunday, June 01, 2014

Scientist Dag Vongraven admits lying about polar bear populations

We were all convinced that polar bears were being killed off by global warming. We were manipulated by the photos of polar bears appearing to be stranded on small ice flows surrounded by water. But it was a lie.

Scientist Dag Vongraven of Polar Bear Specialist Group now admits that he lied about polar bear populations. Oh, that’s not the term he would use. But he and his organization represented very incomplete data as authoritative.

Now when he has to admit it, he bravely buries his correction in a footnote. Why didn’t he issue a press release to announce his change in the data? He asked a critic, Dr. Crockford, to announce it.

Via American Thinker

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Polar Bear Science blog has been asking questions. And now got one answer.

Dag Vongraven of Norway is the head of the team guilty of publishing known false numbers. He says he put out the phony numbers because the public was demanding them! “Why would you blame me?” Affiliations: Norwegian Polar Institute and Polar Bear Specialist Group.

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