Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Apple, you can't update your own software?

Apple gets a D for inability/unwillingness to keep its customers up to date.

Apple has been reminding me to install software updates. I don’t let it happen automatically, because I want to know what’s changed. After several reminders, I accepted an update to IMovie. Not because I use IMovie, but because I will be reminded to update it every two days forever.

Error. Not enough disk space. So I removed a few files and restarted my Macbook Pro, which always gains some. 

Error. Not enough disk space. There is 3.1 gigabytes. 3.1 gig is a lot of space. It is 2.4% of the “disk space” on this Mac.

I blame Apple because they are marketing Macs with small storage space - without disks, only flash memory. When I bought this Macbook Pro I bought - an Apple employee sold me - the Retina 128 Gb model. He impressed me with the superior speed of flash memory over a spinning hard disk. I didn’t buy the 256 Gb because it cost hundreds more. (And this Retina 128 Gb model cost a couple hundred more than the 160 Gb hard drive model.) The Apple employee didn’t tell me he was selling me a dysfunctional machine; that it didn’t have enough memory to enable it to accept updates of Apple’s own software.

I call that dysfunctional. Apple can blame no one but themselves. Apple controls the hardware and software on this Mac. It’s all theirs. Doesn’t work.

(I had walk-in support for a year. Then I could have dropped this problem on them. But it’s over, so it is my problem.) 

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