Saturday, August 23, 2014

Illegals can fly without photo ID

You and I need government-issued photo identification to fly in the US. But illegal aliens are privileged; they don’t need ID. Huh?

At first, in July, Obama’s Transportation Security Agency (TSA) denied this was true. See Breitbart But on August 7 they admitted that illegals can fly by presenting a “Notice to Appear” form I-862. Does it show their photo? No. Does it have security features, like a watermark that prevents photo copying? No.

The TSA has been issuing weasel wording to bury what they are doing. According to TSA It’s not about ID, but verifiable ID. What’s that?

So you and I, American citizens are suspected and harassed by TSA. But illegal aliens “Go right ahead."

 Gateway Pundit tells it in full.

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