Saturday, August 16, 2014

Climate science does not support IPCC's conclusions

Climate science does not support IPCC's conclusions. 

AGW Medieval warming period to present

S. Fred Singer, the author, is a climate scientist. Here he digs deep into the two main issues and shows the the IPCC’s process takes the science out. It first finds what the science says, then hands that to a political committee who write a summary that tickles their political fancy.

IPCC finds only man-made source because it specifically considers only man-made sources. If there is a natural cause they won’t see it, because their own process says to not look there.

The two issuers: First, future temperatures: Is civilization threatened by warming caused by you and me? Second, sea-level rise: Will lower Manhatten and Seattle’s football and baseball stadiums be flooded in a few years? And again, it’s your fault.

Read Singer’s report atAmerican Thinker


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