Saturday, January 17, 2015

Cringe: Kerry tells France: You've got a friend

Esteemed Secretary of State John Kerry (Did you know he served in Vietnam?) skipped the march in Paris to support freedom of the press versus Islam jihad January 9 that included 40 heads of state. So to make up for that huge error he decided to show the people of France that we in the US are with them.

He brought James Taylor with him Friday to sing "You’ve got a friend.” Cringe. It embarrasses me to watch it. The video is embedded here - Newsbusters.

But the US government-controlled media failed to mention it. Don’t they find it news-worthy when the US Secretary of State embarrasses his country before the whole world? More from Newsbusters.

History note: In 1970 Taylor burst on the scene with the song Sweet Baby James and was an instant sensation. It’s acoustic and quiet… and influenced a generation.

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