Thursday, January 15, 2015

Insider says to replace Obama's people in White House

Leslie Gelb is a Demo insider and he is fed up. He says Obama’s team has failed, but not only have they fail, they can’t see that they failed.

He says to fire all of his inner core, especially in the White House…. including John Kerry (“Do you know who I am?”*).

Daily Beast

The failure of Obama or Biden to show up in Paris made clear that most of the president’s team can’t be trusted to conduct U.S national security policy and must be replaced—at once.

Here’s why America’s failure to be represented at the Paris unity march was so profoundly disturbing. It wasn’t just because President Obama’s or Vice President Biden’s absence was a horrendous gaffe. More than this, it demonstrated beyond argument that the Obama team lacks the basic instincts and judgment necessary to conduct U.S. national security policy in the next two years. It’s simply too dangerous to let Mr. Obama continue as is—with his current team and his way of making decisions. America, its allies, and friends could be heading into one of the most dangerous periods since the height of the Cold War.

Mr. Obama will have to excuse most of his inner core, especially in the White House. He will have to replace them with strong and strategic people of proven foreign policy experience.

* That’s what Kerry says when he treats people in Massachusetts like dirt.

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