Friday, January 02, 2015

Race baiting is now the third rail of Am politics

Says Ben Stein in American Spectator

… But you cannot win siding with Al Sharpton and looting gangsters against the police. So, the GOP wins a huge win in Congress and Hillary does not look inevitable anymore.

The NYPD are dust in the wind. They tell us which way the wind of the white working class is blowing: against the “progressives” and the race agitators. Suddenly, the Democrats start looking like the fools who touched the third rail of American politics. That third rail is not Social Security any longer: It is race baiting and an unmerited, unwarranted attack on the most racially generous people in the world: white Americans. When the President and that creature de Blasio call them racist pigs and then mutter stupid platitudes when two of the police get killed as explicit race terrorism, the third rail has been not just touched but embraced.

When white middle class and working class people are insulted by the Sharptons and the President, they don’t riot: they vote Republican, the party of law and order. Obama had to touch that rail. It was his destiny, but unless something big happens, it’s going to electrocute his party.

Meanwhile, Happy New Year to Al Sharpton, best friend the Republican Party has had since Reagan. ...

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