Saturday, January 10, 2015

Top ten volcanos for 2014

Nishinoshima Japan

Even the runners up are interesting. Erik Klemetti has a blog about volcanoes at Wired. He held a poll for the top ten volcanic events of 2014. The competition is rough; even #9 Mt Etna has lava spattering.

#7 Nishinoshima Island in Japan today is ten times its size one year ago; yes, the lava built it up to ten times the size. The lava approaching the town of Pahoa on Hawaii’s Big island is #6.  #5 Kelut, Indonesia forced 100,000 people to flee. And there are four even better.

Eruptions at Wired

Photo: Nishinoshima Island, Japan. The warmer colors are the current flow! Photo from Japan Coast Guard

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