Tuesday, January 03, 2006

2005 Best and Worst

The Best political moment of 2005: Iraqi voters waving purple fingers - JOHN J. MILLER of the National Review Online Best political move - US The Republicans in the US Congress saw a bluff and called it. Congressman Jack Murtha - a Marine retiree - called on the "US to pull out of Iraq immediately. The Republicans forced an immediate vote on Murtha's pull out. The Democrats stampeded to vote against their Marine hero and his pull out. Even Murtha voted against himself! Worst political trick by political ally Alaska's Rep. Young and Senator Ted Stevens trying to stealour tax dollars for a bridge to Ketchikan's airport and "Don Young's highway." Stevens promised to "be carried out of here" if he lost his projects. He half lost. He lost the earmarks for these specific projects, but not the huge money they cost. Democrat's most proud political victory of 2005: "We killed the Patriot Act," boasted Minority Leader Harry Reid. He can have his victory. But I know I can't trust the Democrats with our national security. IF they are smart they are trying to turn this around right now. No, they so are focused on defeating Bush that they don't care about security. Worst trick by the media # 1 NY Times discovered that Bush listens to Al Qaeda phone calls. Because they are trying to kill us. And the former newspaper of record sat on the story for one year, so they could get the successful December election in Iraq off their front page. Media #2 - The near instantaneous politicization of the response to Hurricane Katrina. And of course now we know that almost every sensational story out of New ORleans was wrong - a rumor that the media didn't check out before broadcasting world-wide. Shame. Howard Dean highlight - just one of many - "...rich, white Republicans who never worked a day in their lives..." And he was referring to all Republicans, not just the 55 Republican Senators Just one more - "The US will lose in Iraq." He hopes we will lose. But we won't give up.

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