Monday, January 16, 2006

Cisneros Probe Stirred Worries Of Democrats

The Clinton scandals continue. Clinton's Secretary of Houseing and Urban Development Henry Cisneros paid a mistress to cover up their relationship. When the lying began the web of deceit grew and grew. Clinton's Attorney General Janet Reno "didn't see any problem" when crimes that reflected on her boss were in question. What poor vision she had. And she didn't find anything on Cisneros. An independent counsel was hired - David Barrett. He found a lot. His report says that high Clinton administration officials tried to block his report. They moved the San Antonio regional office of the IRS, then closed it. And much more. Democrats in the Senate have succeeded in blocking the parts of Barrett's report that link to the White House - to Bill and Hillary. What is left of the report will be released on January 19. R. EMMETT TYRRELL Jr. and BRIAN McGUIRE in the New York Sun have the story today. How about Henry Cisneros? He pleaded guilty of a misdemeanor charge of lying to the FBI and paid a $10,000 fine. He was pardoned by President Clinton on Mr. Clinton's final day in office, though he was not a fugitive at the time. The Washington Post has a page of links to key stories on the Cisneros probe. Hat tip to "Webweaver" who posted this at I am departing my normal focus on growth and opportunity today because I am disgusted that those being investigated can hamper the investigation of a US independent counsel. And that the Clinton machine is succeeding in preventing the release of what David Barrett found.

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