Thursday, January 19, 2006

Operation Red Washington

Washington is a very liberal state. Is everyone liberal? No, far from it. Dino Rossi proved that a Republican who is consistent can win the majority vote in Washington - except for Ron Sims's willing mismanagement of the voter registration, poll operation and vote counting. How can we get the majority in other races, issues, etc? Statewide, especially. Timothy Goddard, who blogs at The Flag of the World and Sound Politics is organizing an exchange of information for building a strategy. Operation Red Washington
Welcome to Operation: Red Washington, the only blog on the Internet devoted to turning the Republican Party into a party that can win elections everywhere in Washington state, and to turning the state into one that will willingly elect Republicans. How do we plan to do that? Through the principles of Pragmatism, Patriotism and Personality, plus an open and frank discussion about what the Republican Party needs to do to achieve those goals.
Join them. I am.

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