Saturday, January 28, 2006

Links & Free Market Project

Will Hansen at PLU Republicans shines the spotlight on the "great liberal" movies of the year that specifically pushed their agenda; got lots of publicity; lots of money spent on promotion and ... ta ta! ... went bust. Good analysis. Read it. Ann Coulter sees signs in both the NYT and Washington Post that the liberals are starting to push the feminists overboard. At Human Events is one of my favorite sites. Today they posted the link to a piece in the Toronto Star that just gushed over wonderful Jimmy Carter and all the wonderful work he did bringing peace to the Middle East. The author didn't like the feedback he got and outed his editors - one of the over-the-top phrases he didn't write (just one of many); his editors added it. A screaming match ensued. All dutifully reported entry by entry at Work your way down and enjoy it. Added Free Market Project - a good organization devoted solely to analyzing and exposing the anti-free enterprise culture of the media. There certainly is a need for it. How did I miss it? Today... "More than 2 million new jobs were created in 2005 but that wasn’t the story presented by the evening news. The three broadcast networks downplayed strong growth and, instead, emphasized negatives such as corporate layoffs and outsourcing in more than half the stories about jobs or unemployment." Read it at Free Market Project. (But their pages have a text crawler that drives my cpu to 100%.) Added - How to start a fire with a can of code and a chocolate bar If I can stop laughing long enough to type this. Solve this one yourself. Start a real, flaming fire with just those two items. Give up? They have a believable way to do it at Tracker Trail.

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