Sunday, October 21, 2007

Bangkok is sinking

Bangkok, Thailand, is sinking. We spent 9 days in Bagkok - and 3 at a beach resort - this year. Traveling there - Bangkok and the Grand Palace - Friends - Military Rule - To River Kwai - Elephant Trek Bangkok is sinking. This is not the sea level rising, but the city sinking 10 cm ( 4 in.) per year, because it is built on clay plus the aquifer is being emptied, causing further sinking. They are exploring options of building dikes or diverting river flow upstream or building storage ponds for later release. The amount of water they have to deal with is huge. They get monsoons (Bangkok weather actuals) that dump inches of rain in a day. So their problem is double - rainfall and sinking to sea level. They had better get to work. The Seattle Times features monks at a temple 19 km south of Bangkok and their plight. (Bangkok is on the lowest stretch of the Chao Phraya River, but essentially at sea level.)

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