Saturday, October 20, 2007

Rush turns the table on distinguished Senator Reid

41 Democrat Senators sent Rush Limbaugh's syndicator a letter condemning him. Rush was honored. He auctioned off the letter to benefit the Marine Corps Law Enforcement Foundation. $2,100,100 plus $2,100,100 matching by Rush. Even the Washington Post can no longer hide this story. Of course they can get it wrong. Why not listen to what Rush actually said? No, reporter Neely Tucker just parrots the lie the Democrats perpetrated - that Rush was criticizing soldiers who criticized the Iraq War. Not at all. Rush was criticizing pretend soldiers - specifically a guy who was bounced out of the service after 44 days in boot camp. The guy claimed to be a veteran of Iraq and was paraded as such. But he was a phony, a "phony soldier." Still, the WAPO has to run the story. Let's enjoy their pain.

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