Thursday, October 11, 2007

Christian murdered in Gaza

Gaza, just south of Israel, is the big battle ground between the Islamist extremist groups Hamas and Fatah, who kill each other. There are 3,000 Christians in Gaza. Rami Ayad, age 32, was head of the Protestant Holy Bible Society. He was murdered last weekend. Micah Halpern reports at his blog:
A 32 year old Christian, Rami Ayad, was murdered in Gaza on Saturday. Ayad who was kidnapped early in the day called his mother saying that if he was not returned in a few hours he would not come back for a long, long time. The body of Rami Ayad was found several hours later. The body had multiple stab wounds. Ayad was the director of the Protestant Holy Bible Society. The Society's Christian book store, The Holy Bible Society, was bombed and totally destroyed 6 months ago in April. There are about 3000 Christians in Gaza and their property, schools and lives are threatened every day by Hamas. I do not understand the silence of the Christian community. Where is the disgust, the protests, the shouting? Where is the public pressure?
If more people cared maybe more Christians would be safe in Gaza.

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Anonymous said...

This is a cowerdley act and should be condemned by all Christians Organizations in the US. If Hamas can not protect christians in Gaza, I believe Israel who bares the responsibility for the horror that exists in Gaza, should take oer the City and finish the entire Hammas organization its bands of Moslims.