Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Single-payer medical care - Pliers instead of dentist

In the United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) patients have to wait so long for dental care that they are using pliers to pull their own teeth! When medical care is free everyone demands everything and the best of it. So the caring government bureaucrats have to cut costs. They cut costs by rationing care. They say "No." So here is the result - desparate patients. Sky News reports:
Falling numbers of NHS dentists are forcing many patients to go without treatment or even try pulling out their own teeth, a study has revealed. Almost a fifth (19%) of those questioned said they had missed out on dental work because of the cost. The research found 6% had even resorted to treating themselves because they could not find a dentist. The 5,000-plus patients who were interviewed also spoke of taking out their own teeth or fixing broken crowns with glue.
Hillary wants the same for you. UK dental care is not totally free, but the message is the same.

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juandos said...

It only gets better Ron...

Via the Telegraph:

'Nurse of the year' leaves for private sector

The "Nurse of the Year" 2007 has quit the NHS after becoming "ground down" by the bureaucrats and excessive paperwork that plague her profession.

Justine Whitaker was awarded the Nursing Standard title this year but is leaving East Lancashire Primary Care Trust next month for the private sector and to become a lecturer.

The 36-year-old has told how nursing staff were made to use cheaper bandages and dressings while health bosses wasted money on long meetings that achieved nothing.

She yesterday warned that a culture of "mistrust and fear" had crept into the NHS and things were bound to go "completely wrong" in Britain's hospitals if nothing is done.
(there is more