Monday, December 31, 2007

Foreign policy wish list for 2008

Thomas PM Barnett is a great strategic thinker. His wish list for 2008 at Knoxville News includes:
10. Continued frustration for Hugo Chavez. His presidency for life derailed by voters smart enough to see the writing on the wall, Chavez will become more nakedly aggressive in his quest for an oil-fueled dictatorship. Meanwhile, Venezuela's oil production drops for lack of foreign investment just as all eyes turn to Brazil's substantial offshore oil discovery. [Real smart, isn't he?] 9. Less hyperbole on global warming. Al Gore did a world of good, but the bandwagoning here is getting bizarre, with every current disaster and future war now attributed to CO2's rise. We sit atop a runaway global economy that needs taming but without damaging its proven ability to reduce global poverty. Terrorism hasn't produced a 1930s-like crash. It would be truly tragic if our fears of a warmer planet did so instead.
Well, he couldn't blame Albert Gore, Jr., for what the Goreacle is doing today, could he? Those are the lower ones. Pretty good.

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