Thursday, December 06, 2007

Getting it wrong - South Africa

South Africa has long been a star of Africa, but it's falling; indeed, it has fallen. It is rich in natural resources, but it has become a poor place to invest. A ranking of investment safely in 32 resource-rich countries places South Africa 18th, behind African countries Zambia, Tanzania, Mauritania, Ghana, Botswana and Namibia (which is 2d). Fallen from leadership in investment opportunties, SA is now high in violent crime, unemployment, poverty, and HIV/AIDS infection rates. The fall has been steady since democracy was attained in 1995. What did they do? This article doesn't dig into the reasons; it's time for research. It just shows the statistics that document the situation. I do know that the father of modern South Africa, Nelson Mandela, is widely reported to be a committed Communist. Moneyweb in SA

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