Friday, December 07, 2007

Remember The Day that Lives in Infamy - the Pearl Harbor attack

December 7, 1941, US territory was attacked. We lived for 18 months on a ridge in Aiea, Hawaii, in sight of the Arizona Memorial. Here is an attempt to include the same view, but higher, in Google Earth. <later> I worked for two years at Hickam Air Force Base in a building that was damaged - and many men died while eating breakfast. Some of the damage can still be seen. It will never be repaired, so we can remember US territory was attacked. Imperial Japan thought the Americans would crumble if attacked. Wrong. Rick Moran at American Thinker remembers the men who died and those who survived that attack.
They are old and bent now, survivors of a storm that swept America into the maelstrom of World War II. For those who lived through the attack on Pearl Harbor 66 years ago today, the memories are still fresh, the terror constantly relived as they recall lost comrades and shipmates. They are few in number. Last year, 500 of them gathered at the Arizona Memorial to honor the fallen and bask in the warmth of friendships renewed - perhaps for the last time. The Veterans Administration tells us that we are losing around 18 of these heroes every month so that by the time the 70th anniversary rolls around in 2011, only a handful will be at Pearl Harbor to represent the more than 2000 Americans who lost their lives that day.

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