Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Albert Gore, Jr. uses energy of 19 households

The Tennessee Policy Institute (TCPR) is following the events in Tennessee and doing an excellent job. For all of Albert Gore, Jr.'s talk of everyone conserving energy, he hasn't gotten his own message. His own home in Nashville is a mansion - no problem there - that is an energy hog. TCPR is keeping track. In the past year, while he is drumming for everyone to use less energy he is using 10% more. Now his home is using the same energy as 19 average households. TCPR compared Gore for one year to the average for ONE MONTH and got the spectacular figure of 232 homes. Let's calculate it to compare for the same time period, one year: One YEAR electricity consumption kWh: Albert Gore's home = 213,210 Average home = 213,210/232 x 12 = 11,028.1034482 How many average homes = Albert/Average = 213,210/11,028 = 19.33 average homes One MONTH electricity consumption kWh: Albert Gore's home = 213,210/12 = 17767 Average home = 213,210/232 = 919.01 How many average homes = Albert/Average = 17767/919.01 = 19.33 average homes USING THE SAME TIME PERIOD FOR Albert and average American households, Albert uses enough electricity to power 19.33 average homes. Albert Gore's actions certainly speak louder than his words. Keep up the good work, TCPR.

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Ron said...

Update. Steven Milloy at Junk Science covered this story today. So it will get much wider circulation.,2933,369084,00.html