Saturday, June 14, 2008

Honor to Tim Russert

I have great respect for Tim Russert. His politics were 179 degrees from mine, but he earned my respect by being straight, truthful and being tough with my political opponents, indeed, in every guest. He asked tough questions to every guest, no matter their political orientation. And he didn't do "Barbara Walters interviews," where the interviewer asks the most appropriate tough question. The guest replies with his/her standard answer number 42, which is "Every thing is Bush's fault;" the interviewer says Thank you and then reads the next question on the sheet. No, Tim followed up when they dodged the question and again and again. Always respectful, but never giving up. He was the best DC newsman, only Brit Hume and Fred Barnes of Fox News are in the ballpark plus the late Michael Kelly who died in the Iraq War - a journalist in the line of fire. Our prayers are with his family.

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