Monday, June 09, 2008

Ruthie the Riveter

Mom is Ruthie the Riveter - truly. Born in Seattle, my mother-in-law attended Roosevelt High School. She was 14 when the Pearl Harbor attack was conducted. When she turned 16 the Sandpoint Naval Air Station, 5 miles away, (now Magnuson Park) hired her. They trained her to buck rivets, then she worked weekends during school and full-time during school breaks. She graduated from high school the week I was born in June, 1945. In August, 1945, Japan surrendered, everyone celebrated, went home and never went back. If you think you know Ruth, please leave a comment.
Off the wall: After Ruth married Harvey they moved to New York City for his specialty training. She got a job on the office of a clothing firm. On occaision a customer wanted to look at a sweater outside the normal showings by models, so Ruth would put it on for show. Ruthie the Sweater Girl.


Loren said...

I do remember “Ruth Jacobson”, but have forgotten her “Riveter” experience, I know she lived in a house on 18th Ave. near Roosevelt HS. That's all I remember.

Ron said...

Loren is Ruth's neighbor growing up I was looking for.

Loren, I need your email address.

- Ron