Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Ukrainian 'genocide by starvation'

The Soviets have tried to hide this for decades. Who is hiding it now? This Soviet crime must see the light of day. Times Online :
Grigori Garaschenko remembers seeing his classmates starve slowly to death in a famine that killed millions of people in Ukraine. A neighbour driven mad by hunger killed her six-year-old daughter and began to eat her, he said, after Soviet soldiers confiscated all the food in their village during house-to-house searches. Mr Garaschenko, 89, is one of the few remaining survivors of the famine of 1932-33. Now, 75 years on, Ukraine wants the world to recognise that what it calls the Holodomor was a deliberate act of genocide by Stalin's Soviet Union.
On the same note. One of the most shocking events of history that I have recently discovered was the deliberate plan of Vladimir Lenin. After the Bolsheviks gained control of most of Russia they began the policy of "the battle for food." Battle for food? It means in the areas that still resisted, which were all agricultural, they stole the farmers' crops until the region gave in. Everyone, but those previously loyal, suffered until they gave in. Of course the tactics of making even those cooperating to suffer was because they put pressure on their resisting neighbors. So many people say that it was only Stalin who deliberately killed his own people - "death by government" - wrong.

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