Thursday, February 05, 2009

Chocolate bars to be made smaller in Government anti-obesity drive

Update: This is about the UK - Great Britain, not the US. I removed a reference to US politics. - RH This is not Scrappleface. You aren't strong enough so they will treat you like a child and not allow what you want to buy to be sold. Daily Mail (UK) Online:
The Government is set to order manufacturers to shrink the size of chocolate bars and fizzy drinks. Health Secretary Alan Johnson will tell firms such as Mars, Coca-Cola, Britvic and Nestlé that smaller versions of their products should be available in all garages and corner shops to help stop people piling on weight. Speaking to the Business4Life coalition of companies, Mr Johnson will ask them to create healthy new snacks that will appeal to children and cut down portion sizes. He will also say small packs of dried fruit, nuts and fresh fruit should be widely available at places where people buy on impulse and warn that sugar levels must be cut in all products.

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Anonymous said...

I think, to some degree they have to do something...I think i would have learned better eating habit as a kid...if healthier options were available.