Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Limit CEO pay to ARod's level

Companies are receiving huge amounts of money from the US government - from us - for "bailout." In the interest of responsible use of taxpayers' money the politicians are starting the process of limited the pay of the CEOs. But for borderline socialists like Barney Frank it's not enough to limit the pay of those in companies receiving bailout money. They want to limit the pay of ALL CEOs. And, next, all employees of evil capitalists companies. The evil ones are the one that don't shower money on Barney Frank. Let's Limit the CEOs to the pay of the highest-paid baseball player. Why should the leader of a company of 120,000 people be paid less than Alex Rodriguez? He requires $20 million per year to live on (and buy steroids) and gets 4 months off every year.

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