Monday, February 16, 2009

Mugabe's birthday present: Starvation for the people of Zimbabwe

Give the tyrant what he wants. Close the farms that are producing food. Starve the people of Zimbabwe in "honor" of Mugabe.
A SECRET plan has been hatched by President Robert Mugabe's most loyal supporters to evict the last of Zimbabwe's white farmers from their land before his 85th birthday. He is already planning to celebrate the occasion with vast quantities of champagne and caviar, even though half his country faces starvation. But just in case the Bollinger does not provide enough fizz, his acolytes are preparing an extra surprise: a fresh onslaught against Zimbabwe's last white farmers. Police, prosecutors and magistrates loyal to Mr Mugabe are understood to be co-ordinating mass summonses against the few hundred remaining white owners in an effort to bring them to court and serve eviction notices. The deadline for the action is next Saturday, the day before Mr Mugabe's birthday and a week before his planned official birthday bash, which has already provoked criticism for its extravagance. ... While no official reason has been given for the eviction campaign, insiders say it is timed to hand Mr Mugabe a potent propaganda gift for his birthday celebrations, which normally feature grandstanding anti-colonial speeches. Last Tuesday, in contravention of justice laws, groups of law enforcement officials held a secret eviction strategy meeting in Mutare, 260 kilometres east of the capital, Harare.
The vacated farms go mostly to Mugabe's buddies for weekend retreats and are otherwise idle. Some go to veterans of his war against his own people. But how many of them know how to manage a productive farm?

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