Monday, February 09, 2009

Iran sets the preconditions for talks with Obama

Obama said he would talk to Iran without preconditions. Then he tried to explain it away with another term for the necessary preliminary talks. But it's two-way. I can't say his spoke foolishly, but... what can I say? American Thinker Blog: Iran to Obama: You are not groveling enough:
So far, President Obama's outreach plan to talk with the Iranians has hit all sorts of snags. The Iranians themselves have been most uncooperative since they keep changing the "conditions" on when they'll deign to talk to us. One thing is certain; If Obama is going to have anyone sit down with the Iranians, we are going to have to grovel before the mighty Persians and apologize for all the mean things we've supposedly done to them over the years:

And it is Iran's "moderate" who is nailing us. Read it.

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