Thursday, March 26, 2009

Bush's 'folly' is ending in victory

If President Barack were smart he would figure out how to get some credit for Bush's success in Iraq and get out of Afghanistan tomorrow. But he is doubling the bet in poor Afghanistan and it's doesn't look like a winner, though I hope it will be. Smart? Jeff Jacoby The Boston Globe: MARKETS without bombs. Hummers without guns. Ice cream after dark. Busy streets without fear." So began Terry McCarthy's report from Iraq for ABC's World News Sunday on March 15, one of a series the network aired last week as the war in Iraq reached its sixth anniversary. A nationwide poll of Iraqis reveals that "60 percent expect things to get better next year - almost three times as many as a year and a half ago," McCarthy continued. "Iraqis are slowly discovering they have a future. We flew south to Basra, where 94 percent say their lives are going well. Oil is plentiful here. So is money." In another report two nights later, ABC's correspondent characterized the Iraqi capital as "a city reborn: speed, light, style - this is Baghdad today. Where car bombs have given way to car racing. Where a once-looted museum has been restored and reopened. And where young women who were forced to cover their heads can again wear the clothes that they like."

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