Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Laughing at the Contradictions of Haters of Capitalism in America

In the Soviet Union things were just plain bad... like Russia today. Second-rate people ran a 4th-rate government. They had control of the people, so they cowed them into saying everything was fine when everyone knew it was a mess. So the people turned to humor In the 1970s it was so bad that they were buying US grain to keep their people from starving. The joke that went with it: "The Soviet farmers had a very good year this year. They plant their crops in the Soviet Union and harvest in the United States." Oleg Atbashian at Pajamas Media has been writing six-line things that turn the circle of contradiction.

Six-line dialectical contradictions ala Soviet Union:

Pajamas Media » Laughing at the Contradictions of Socialism in America: Here is one sample that has a bunch of contradictions.
Without capitalism there’d be no Hollywood — yet filmmakers hate capitalism. Filmmakers hate capitalism — yet they sue for unauthorized copying of their movies. They sue for unauthorized copying — yet on screen they teach us to share. On screen they teach us to share — yet they keep their millions to themselves. They keep their millions to themselves — yet they revel in stories of American misery and depravity. They revel in stories of American misery and depravity — yet they blame the resulting anti-American sentiment on conservatism. They blame the anti-American sentiment on conservatism — yet conservatism ensures the continuation of a system that makes Hollywood possible. It reads like a poem — only instead of the rhythm of syllables and rhyming sounds, it’s the rhythm of logic and rhyming meanings. If I could replicate it, I might start a whole new genre of “contradictory six-liners.”
He has lots more.

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