Sunday, March 08, 2009

But I don't have a Kindle

Amazon sure narrowed its bandwidth for me. I was searching for a book by the author of 38 books. My first search at Amazon was fruitless, so I went to Google. It led me to the Kindle version of the right book. But Amazon wouldn't let me out. Jimmy Carter: the liberal left and world chaos - I couldn't link to the print version of the same book. - I couldn't add it to my wish list for later purchase. I could view the wish list, but not add to it. - I couldn't place the book in my shopping cart. It was available for 1-click buying, but not shopping cart. You see, if I put it in my shopping cart I have more chances to change my mind. Actually I don't know if 1-click allows backing out of the purchase; i assume it does, but it's called "1-click" for a reason. I could view my shopping cart, but not add the book I was viewing to it. That's three strikes. And there were Kindle links all over the page; OK the page was for the Kindle version of the book. But I got there by a search and needed the print edition and Amazon hid it from me.

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