Sunday, June 07, 2009

Captain Louis Renault Award: Steve Ballmer

President 0 is doing what he said he would do. Surprise. Well, he talked out of both sides of his mouth. But he said he wanted "tax fairness." Here it comes - higher taxes. Steve Ballmer is guilty of wishful thinking. Big time. Hot Air The latest recipient of the Captain Louis Renault Award for shock! shock! at the anti-business nature of Barack Obama and his administration goes to Steve Ballmer, Obama supporter and CEO of Microsoft. Ballmer provided substantial support for Obama’s presidential run, and also giving $100,000 to his inauguration, as did Microsoft founder Bill Gates. Now, however, Ballmer has balked at Obama’s tax positions and now says he’ll move Microsoft jobs overseas if necessary:
Microsoft Corp. Chief Executive Officer Steven Ballmer said the world’s largest software company would move some employees offshore if Congress enacts President Barack Obama’s plans to impose higher taxes on U.S. companies’ foreign profits. “It makes U.S. jobs more expensive,” Ballmer said in an interview. “We’re better off taking lots of people and moving them out of the U.S. as opposed to keeping them inside the U.S.” Obama on May 4 proposed outlawing or restricting about $190 billion in tax breaks for offshore companies over the next decade. Such business groups as the National Foreign Trade Council, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the Business Roundtable have denounced the proposed overhaul.
Also Microsoft fights increasing corporate taxes.

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