Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Speak for yourself Congressman Reichert

If Rep. Reichert did the right thing voting for the ridiculous Cap and Tax bill Friday, why won't he explain his vote? Kirby Wilbur's show got calls from two leaders of the Republicans in Congress offering to explain Reichert's vote. Why can't Reichert speak for himself? The bill was 1200 pages and got a 300-page pack of amendments at 3 am the day of the vote. Did Reichert read the bill? Did Reichert read the amendments? 00240203650: Reichert sent Rep. Pence (I think) to speak for him on David Boze's radio show on KTTH Tuesday. Rep. Pence basically said Reichert is a fool. He said Reichert was hoping the sponsors would put what he wanted in the bill. So he voted for it? Fool. You hold your vote until they put your pork in the bill. Maybe Reichert should speak for himself. See also Michelle Malkin on the GOP cap and tax eight.

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