Saturday, June 20, 2009

State Senator says state income tax is inevitable

Their memories are very short. We stood up at tea parties in April to protest high taxes. Then the Legislature did not increase any broad tax the same month. They listened! But now two months later they are again pushing an income tax. "It's inevitable, so just accept it. Stop your tea party protests." Get ready for a Washington state income tax, sooner or later | Seattle Times Newspaper:
Like it or not, before long, Washington state will have a state income tax. It's not going to happen next year, and probably not in the next decade. But it is inevitable, because our state will steadily become unable to function without a structural change in the way we generate revenue. Our current tax structure was developed more than a century ago for an economy based on agriculture, manufacturing and local commerce. It was appropriate then and for many decades afterward, but over time it has become less and less appropriate — and adequate — for the needs of our modern economy.
Inevitable? Our Constitution must be changed to allow an income tax and that requires a vote of the people. She says Anti-tax-increase people are stuck in the 19th Century. They just can't accept the realities of the modern day. That's how their spokesperson Senator (she earned it) Rosa Franklin builds her case. How has the income tax worked for California? California has a state income tax, sales tax, property taxes and every other tax known and it's way short of revenue, according to the powerful in Sacramento. Hat tip: EFF WA.

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