Sunday, June 28, 2009

Global warming watch - Missing at cherry festival: Michigan-grown cherries

It's too cold in Michigan. Has Algore been in northern Michigan - not upper, but the northern part of lower Michigan - this month? There is a long record of snow storms accompanying Albert Gore, Jr.'s, events. See Gore Effect. The Detroit News:
Traverse City, Michigan -- One thing missing from this year's National Cherry Festival in Traverse City will be locally grown cherries. Farmers say the area's cherry crop will still be on the trees during the festival, which runs Independence Day through July 11. That leaves organizers, stores and markets with the need to import cherries from elsewhere. Lingering cool weather slowed cherry growth in the northwestern Lower Peninsula. Dennis Hoxsie grows sweet and tart cherries at his farm in Grand Traverse County's Acme Township and runs a farm market. He tells the Traverse City Record-Eagle it will be 1 1/2 to two weeks before his crop starts coming in, so he's bringing in cherries from southwestern Michigan.

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